We provide a complete range of professional and guaranteed translation and interpretation services.

Standard Translations

  • Written translations: worldwide service in all language combinations
  • Interpretations (consecutive, simultaneous and escort interpretations): worldwide service in all language combinations

Specialized Translations

Translations of specialized texts which contain specific terminology such as:
  • Legal translations
  • Software localization
  • Financial Translations
  • Technical translations

Official and Sworn Translations

Certified translations authorized by the Spanish Foreign Ministry for administrative or legal purposes.

Court Interpretations

Worldwide service for court interpretation, required to be conducted by an official or sworn court interpreter who is certified by the authorities of a specific country or state.

Website Translations

Web page translations from text files or directly from HTML, PPT, PDF, XML, DOC, RTF, WPS format.

Multimedia Translations

Multimedia translation is the localization of media forms. This includes website localization, software localization, email correspondence translation, web sites, subtitling and dubbing, etc.


ITO provides transcription services for the movie and television industry. These transcriptions can, if needed, then be transferred to the subtitling department for use in the final edit. We do not work directly from master copies. Once received, we copy them to different formats in order to start the transcription process. We support all formats including the following most common:


Our subtitling service team is a highly skilled and qualified group of professionals that take extreme pride in their work. In addition, they are all native speakers of the language being subtitled.

Dubbling/Voice Over

For voice-overs / dubbing of films, television commercials, corporate training videos, etc, ITO has a large network of individuals available for the project.We provide native-speakers who have the expertise to achieve our clients’ goals, in order to ensure perfect timing and the highest quality production values.

Telephone Conference Interpretation

International business communications are carried out via email, fax, video conferencing, telephone, and various other communication channels. These business communications become complicated when the parties involved are not able to communicate the information clearly in the same language. In order to solve this problem, we provide business professionals with real-time Telephone Conference Interpretation. This service not only saves time, it dramatically cuts down the costs of written correspondence translation.

Profesional Speech Writting

For business professionals around the world, public speaking is an every day duty. However, due to long and busy business hours, many find that they do not have the time to write or prepare for these speeches and public talks. In order to alleviate stress and save time, we provide a professional speech writing service. This fast, professional service encompasses all fields of public speaking business communication and is an essential tool for any business professional.

Resume/CV Composing and Type Setting

In addition to our other professional services, we can help you compose that job winning resume. All you need to do is provide us with the relevant information. We design each resume on a custom basis, incorporating background, education, achievements, and work experience. By taking advantage of this fast, cost competitive service, you will gain professional presence in the job seeker market and acquire the job you want.