What languages does the ITO work with?

We work with all language combinations.

How can I get a quotation?

Do not hesitate to contact us using the quotation form, the e-mail (itoweb@itoweb.org) or the telephone number (+34 96 267 1220).

What is an Official Translation?

This is a translation by a translator recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The translator’s signature and seal make the document official.

Does an Official Translator’s signature have to be legalised?

If the translation is from Spanish, the signature might have to be legalised in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although sometimes this can be done at the Consulate of the country the document is to go to. Anyway, the body that requires the translation is the one that has to state if this process is necessary.

Why are stamps and signatures translated in official translations?

Not only stamps, but also seals, notes,… The aim of an official translation is to certificate that the translated document reliably reflects the contents of the original document. The translator testifies that the notes, dates or stamps are present in the document that has been translated.

What type of translations does ITO offer?

All types of translations, to and from all languages. Technical, Legal, Commercial … ITO can respond to any demand.

How do I pay for my translations?

Personally, by transfer into the account number on the invoice, or by nominal cheque. We also accept Paypal.

How do I deliver my documents?

The options are various: you can bring them to our office, fax, mail or email them. For official translations, the translator works on the originals although translation can be brought forward by scanning the documents; the translator subsequently cross-checks that the scanned copy coincides with the original.

Is there a review process?

Translators must sometimes work from hand-written texts which are hard to read or they may simply make mistakes. To avoid this as far as possible, all translations are revised before delivery.

What happens if an error is found?

A client may nevertheless find a mistake in a translation. In such cases ITO, which keeps copies of all the work done, rectifies the problem immediately at no further cost. 11. What is the profile of ITO’s translators? Our translators are professionals with decades of experience who translate exclusively into their mother tongue.

What is our translator profile like?

Our translators our highly experienced professionals who only translate into their mother tongue. Most of them are sworn translators.

When is ITO open?

ITO is open year-round. Normal times are mornings from 9:00 - 14:00 and afternoons from 16:00 - 19:30 except on Fridays when we open only in the morning.

Is there a minimum charge?

There is a minimum rate per document. We suggest that all necessary documents should be combined into a single order, jointly exceeding the minimum rate.

Does ITO charge urgent rates?

In general, except in very special cases, ITO does not charge for urgent work. We are accustomed to dealing with the impossible, and our clients trust our speed and professionalism.