Advantages Of Working With Us

The International Translation Organization has the necessary network and infrastructure to solve your translation and interpretation problems regardless of their complexity and complication. Each translation or interpretation project has its own specific and unique features

Language combination, field of work, and specialization

Our worldwide network is made up of translators and interpreters who cover all language combinations, fields of work, and specializations.

Firm Deadline

The translations are assigned after taking all measures to ensure that the translators can meet the deadline.

Legal and Sworn

We work with legal, certified, and sworn translators and court interpreters available in all language combinations and anywhere in the world.


We exclusively work with professional translators and interpreters who charge professional honorariums at professional rates. As our members, they provide our clients with a discount. Our worldwide network allows us to offer the lowest rates and honorariums for professional translation and interpretation projects.

Terms and conditions and mode of payment and invoicing

We agree to those terms and conditions and mode of payment and invoicing that are acceptable to the client and the member translators / interpreters.

General and additional revision

Some translation projects require general or additional revisions.

Revision projects

We receive a large volume of revision projects. These projects have initially been translated by non-professionals and / or non-experts who all in good faith have done their best effort. However, translation, like any other professional activity, requires high standards of expertise, knowledge and experience.

Travel, transportation, and hotel costs

These are some of the most expensive items in an interpretation project. We drastically reduce or completely eliminate these costs. For instance, you are based in L. A., California, and you need an interpreter in Rome. By assigning an interpreter who resides in Rome, we save you the heavy cost of using interpreters based in L. A. and paying for their travel, transportation, and hotel expenses, in addition to their professional honorarium.